Thursday, March 30, 2017

Witch the Awake

An anti-platonic interpretation of Mage.

Title: Witch the Awake *
Books: Gameline & Cthulhu

An ancient order founded by wise-men & women (aka: witches). For whom building the highest level of civilization has been the prime concern throughout the millennia. The battle has been fought socially, mentally and physically. Both through social discource and political debate, as well as through special operations. The main opponenents in these battles has traditionally been: Seers of the Throne, xxxxx and Scelesti. As well as a diverse multitude of supernatural entities popping up all around the globe. When speaking high speech watch-tower means primary task & atlantean means civilised!


Leadership & Politics
leadership**, persuasion, subterfuge.

Adamantine Arrow [fraction]:
Confrontation & Conflict
athletics, operations**, medicine.

Guardians of the veil [fraction]:
Subterfuge & Information
investigation, stealth, subterfuge.

Mysterium [fraction]:
Research & Knowledge
investigation, esoteric**, survival.

Creativity & Innovation
culturewise**, persuasion, science.

EIDOLON (forces+prime):
ideologic, white, theurge, thought,
snake, infinity, sun, wisdom, fire.
legacy: obrimos (demon)

TREMERE (space+mind):
pragmatic, red, warlock, conflict, 
raven, vii, star, merit, wind.
legacy: mastigos (vampire)

VERBENA (life+fate):
adaptive, green, witch, tribulation,
wolf, xiii, planet, attribute, water.
legacy: acanthus (mage)

MOROS (matter+time):
empiric, brown, alchemist, change,
beetle, ix, moon, skill, earth.
legacy: euthanos (mummy)

ENOCHIA (spirit+death):
continuity, grey, mancer, pattern.
anglerfish, zero, void, gnosis, spirit.
legacy: thyrsus (geist)


You can't exist for more than a year per willpower rank without a legacy, before your sanity starts to erode and you slowly turns into one of the mad, or desperately must cling to the paradigm of a banisher.

Two thousand years ago the scelesti destroyed the enochia, and seemingly also the origin of their supernal resonance.

* Mage the Awakening 2ed steeped in philosophy, social science & witchcraft.
** this rote-skill is changed